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Why Embedly?

I’m now about 3 months in to my job as a Worker at Embedly. After an adventurous search for my first big-people job, I want to take a look at just how I landed here.

My job search took a bit longer than I wanted it too, but there were a few things that contributed to that, one of them being that the time around Christmas and New Year’s Day is an awful time to get interviews. The search ended with a bang, though, when I got 3 job offers in the span of a week.

My choices were Embedly, E La Carte, and Google.

E La Carte is making tablets for restaurant tables to handle ordering, paying, and playing games. I think they have a big opportunity to be really successful. They have the prototypical startup feel, working out of a house in downtown Palo Alto, and a team that I would have enjoyed working with.

Google is Google. Their company is now a verb. As an undergrad, it was basically a dream of mine to work there. And their offer was significantly higher than the others. And they gave me a rental car and hotel room with a jacuzzi to watch breaking bad in after the interview.

Embedly was a little harder to evaluate at first. What we do is sometimes difficult to explain; it’s the kind of thing that, when you realize you need it once, the general idea jumps out at you. Short of that, the tour is a great demonstration.

The initial hook that kept me interested in Embedly was the team. Only 3 people (at the time), but all with an attitude that really drew me in. Get shit done, and enjoy yourself while doing it. It’s hard to ask for more from a job, and if you can find that kind of job, you’re a lucky person. I’m a lucky person.

Another important aspect of Embedly is the fact that we have a legitimate product with an actual revenue-generating business model that doesn’t depend solely on advertising.

Back to the “get shit done” principle, another good thing about Embedly is that we are flexible in languages and technologies that we use; whatever fits the task. I’m a pretty big fan of python myself, but I think it’s good practice to explore other languages too.

Being able to work quickly is something that drew me to startups in general. At Embedly, I can push code live basically whenever I want to; there are no hoops to jump through.

Beyond the day-to-day, Embedly is at an exciting phase as a business. I started a week after Embedly moved from a shared office space to it’s own office near North Station. We’ve already made another hire since I joined, and we’re still hungry to hire again.

Since I joined Embedly, I’ve spent a lot of time making sure that we do what we do better. Faster, more efficiently, on a larger scale. But there’s also room to do more than what we already do.¬†We have big plans for new features to build that will extend the Embedly service. That’s exciting.

I think that I would have been happy with any of the 3 job options, it was really about choosing the better good. The annoying thing about choices is that you never get to see how the other ones would’ve worked out, but I can definitely say that Embedly was a good choice.

Time to go hiking!

It’s been nearly 2 months since I hiked Little Bigelow with Max (currently conquering THE Appalachian Trail)and a ragtag group of Appalachian Mountain Club members (including the dean of UMaine’s College of Engineering). Little Bigelow was my first big snowshoe trek, and was a great hike even though we were socked in with clouds at the top.

So now it’s almost March May (thanks mom). Snow has been mostly gone for a couple weeks, temperatures are reaching the 60′s, and I’m itching for a nice spring hike.

In trying to choose a hike, I grabbed the AllTrails iOS app, which uses google maps to show all sorts of different hiking trails in an area. AllTrails lets users rate, comment on, and add pictures of various hikes; altogether a well done app with a pretty decent user base.

I settled on the White Mountains National Forest, mainly due to it’s strategic location between myself and the other people I hike with. Oh, and the fact that it’s a huge region of mountains with tons of 4000-footers. I pointed the AllTrails app at the White Mountains, and settled on the Champney Falls Trail. 7.6 miles round trip to the bald-topped Mount Chocorua, including a waterfall along the way.

After a cold winter which saw me sunrise-summiting Sugarloaf and snowshoeing up Little Bigelow, I’m looking forward to shedding the layers for some beautiful spring hiking. I love being able to hang out atop a summit, enjoying the accomplishment, rather than making a quick turnaround to spare frozen fingers.

As usual, the end of the semester is very busy, but once school is over (May 7th), I’ll be trying to separate some people from their busy schedules for an excursion into the woods of Northeastern New Hampshire.